Wedding Highlight       Films

Abigail + Gabriel

​Your love for each other and your strong devotion to God was truly evident throughout the day. May you have a long and happy married life. The theme of faith and devotion intertwined perfectly with the grand celebration and it is a beautiful thing to witness.

              Lani + Dan

Lani and Dan are finally together and 
they will have a life long journey of learning to love like our Christ Jesus.  Lani and Dan got married in 
front of the Lord in Columbus, Ohio 

              Dani + Don

Dani and Don vowed that they will always be the same in their eyes, tomorrow, always and forever. A simple wedding with family and friends at the lovely town of Leavenworth, Washington

          Yolly + Larry

You can tell that Yolly and Larry love each other deeply.  The imagery of their love is a wonderful thing to witness.  Yolly and Larry made a promise to each other in the beautiful river valley
of Sunland Park, Eastern Washington.  

        Sheilla + Vanna
Only once in awhile, life gives us a chance to live a fairytale moment. This moment was shared by Sheilla and Vanna in the beautiful mansion built in the idyllic cliffs of Mukilteo, Washington.

             Lisa + Luis
Lisa and Luis slept and dreamt of this moment for a long time. They made a promise to each other to hold each other in their arms for a lifetime. A time apart makes them certain that they do indeed want to spend each others  nights and days, while each forever in their hearts. A Golden Gardens, Washington wedding.

          Natalie + Brandon
Natalie and Brandon makes stars explode when they are together. They make each other whole and they are complete as a pair.  This lovely wedding took place in the quaint town of Gold Bar, Washington

Nancy + Jarrah

Nancy and Jarrah are two souls whos hearts beat as one.  It was an emotional wedding.  Jarrah could not keep his emotions; smiles and tears shows that he is convinced that he's accomplished something quite wonderful, being married to his best friend, Nancy.

   Trang + Hung

A bus ride that forever changed their lives.  Hung and Trang met each other in a gaze that will change their paths, to each other.  All colors, textures and sounds seem to dissapear during those seconds as they utter their first words to each other and to forever.  Married in the beautiful country of Vietnam, Hung and his lovely wife celebrated their reception in Seattle, Washigton.